Hrumpi Stouthand

played by Eddie


Lvl 1 Fighter

Str: 17 Dex: 15 Con: 15 Int: 14 Wis: 15 Cha: 8


Hrumpi was born in clan Ironshield during a trying time for the dwarves of Blue Mountain. They suffered many attacks by the maraudering goblin bands and during one such, he was left an orphan. A dwarf called Neila Stouthart brought Hrumpi into her home and raised him as her own son. He learned many a thing at her side until he turned 30, when he joined the clan’s youth brigade, where he trained to become one of the King’s Guard.

Though struggling at first, Hrumpi managed to become one of the best fighters of his squad, winning the respect, and some say even the love, of their master-at-arms – the king’s daughter. Shortly after entering the ranks of the King’s Guard he was personally chosen by the king’s right hand man, marshall Dokin to guard the Sea-Stone, a golden necklace of immense value set with the largest sapphire clan Ironshield had ever found. It was the king’s favorite piece and finest treasure and he loved to brag about it to the members of other clans.

However, the moment Hrumpi arrived for his guard duty, he was gorrified to find out that something had gon awry. The Sea-Stone’s glass case was smashed, the famous piece gone. The blame fell on Hrumpi, who seemed as the most obvious culprit. This led to his imprisonment in the king’s dungeon, where he was to await the king’s judgement. The princess had intervened on Hrumpi’s behalf, so instead of the usual punishment for such a crime, which was execution, Hrumpi was banished from the dwarven city of Blue Mountain. He was tasked to only return when he had gathered anough treasure to replace the value lost. A pack with provisions, a letter and a ring were left for him by the princess. In the letter there were instructions telling him to meet a band of mercenaries and show them the princess’ ring so that they’d take Hrumpi in.

After his banishment Hrumpi went in search of the mercenary encampment and he indeed found them. he spent a further five years there, helping those in need, honing his skills and making friends, one of his best was the old mercenary captain Beldo. Unfortunately not all the men were happy and wanted more lucrative contracts, an up and coming warrior called Gakmun gave Beldo an ultimatum, and Beldo was forced to resign.

Under Gakmun’s leadership they no longer helped people who could not pay in coin, and often the contracts involved shady deeds, paid for by evil men. Hrumpi and about half of the mercenaries decided to leave, and demanded their severance pay. Gakmun paid them, knowing he had no choice, but he blamed Hrumpi for this incident and secretly swore he would take revenge.

On the day that Hrumpi parted company with the group, he took a solitary road through the forest, he was planning to visit Beldo and surprise him. Unknown to him however, Gakmun had tipped off some local bandits about his whereabouts, and that he had a large amount of gold with him. He was attacked and gravely wounded as he slept, the thieves took his gold, and had it not been for the timely intervention of a mysterious druid called Amarron he would have died.

Amarron healed Hrumpi, and when he learned of his sad story he took pity on him, and decided that he would accompany him on his travels, and aid him in trying to return to his home.

Hrumpi Stouthand

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