Unwritten Tales

Unwritten Tales, Session 1
Arrival at Oakhurst, Exploration of the Sunless Citadel

Day 1:

The players arrived at Oakhurst separately, for different reasons. Angelo, looking for work and adventure, Hrumpi and Amarron on a request by Hrumpi’s friend Ghuna, Kain and Asarina – after they found a map of the area, indicating there might be treasure to be found in the nearby ruins.

The players learned that the villlagers are having trouble with some sort of creature attacking villagers caught out of the village at night. They also overheard rumors about the villagers trying to cultivate their own enchanted healing apple tree, but unfortunately for them the saplings were getting stolen by the Goblins, according to Farmer Tom Belhand. He offered the PCs 1GP each if they help him with his disappearing saplings problem.

The PCs explored the nearby hills and found some tracks (multiple deep small holes) around the village going in multiple directions.

Day 2:

After spending the night in the Inn they headed to speak with madame Kerowyn Hucrele, the town’s merchant, who asked them to go after her son and daughter and, offering 125gp reward by person for their golden rings or double that if they bring her son and daughter back alive and well.

They started on their way towards the nearby ravine, where the ruins were located. They found a knotted rope going down into the ravine. Unfortunately they got attacked by some huge rats on the way down. Once in the Citadel they found a hidden room with some sceletons, which animated the moment Hrumpi entered the room. Exploring the nearby rooms the PCs came across a locked door with a dragon carving that they couldn’t open. Music notes were coming from the room on the other side of this door.

Day 3:

They went to explore in the other direction and encountered and fought a Water Mephite, who they managed to defeat in short order.

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